Tag: Role: Courtier


  • Bayushi Sayuri

    The young wife of Bayushi Hidetoshi, Sayuri is one of the great beauties of her time. Many consider her marriage to a man so old that he could be her grandfather a great travesty. After all, how could he possibly appreciate her womanly charms. Many …

  • Kakita Hoshiko

    Little is known about Kakita Hoshiko's affiliation with [[:bayushi_hidetoshi | Bayushi Hidetoshi]], save that she is attending in place of her recently deceased mother. For her part, Hoshiko has a reputation as a pleasant conversationalist and a …

  • Yoritomo Hana

    Daughter of [[:bayushi_hidetoshi | Bayushi Hidetoshi]]'s long time business rival, when her father fell ill, she took over his many investments. Hana has a keen mind for mathematics and numbers, making her the ideal bookkeeper, yet her serious demeanor is …

  • Ide Midori

    [[:bayushi_hidetoshi | Hidetoshi]]'s former junior business partner, the partnership between the them ended three years ago. Midori has a reputation as a ruthless and shrewd buisnesswoman.