Tag: Role: Monk


  • Togashi Kaito

    [[:bayushi_hidetoshi | Bayushi Hidetoshi]]'s spiritual advisor and long time associate. Kaito is known as a wise and faithful man, but perhaps farther from enlightenment than a monk of his age should be. His apprentice is Togashi Shiori.

  • Togashi Shiori

    The Apprentice of Togashi Kaito, Shiori is known for her exceptional loveliness and even more exceptional stoicism. Though she has not sworn an oath of celibacy like her mentor, thus far she has rebuffed all proposals for marriage she has been presented …

  • Haku

    An ally of [[:bayushi_hidetoshi | Bayushi Hidetoshi]] during the destroyer war, Haku is known as the Hero of Blackwater village due to his actions in saving that peasant village. After the destroyer war, he moved to the colonies and has only since …

  • Kenta

    The apprentice of Spider monk [[:haku | Haku]], it is said that Kenta was one of the children of Blackwater village who lost his parents and was taken in by the Spider Clan. Kenta only recently passed his gempukku and is barely more than a child.