Bayushi Hidetoshi

Your Esteemed Host


Status 5
Bayushi Family
Bayushi Courtier/Bayushi Bushi


There is much that could be said about Hidetoshi-sama, and some of it is even true. Born 65 years ago, he is a hero of the Scorpion clan, both on the battlefield and in the courts. In fact, there are few (if any) fields in which he hasn’t distinguished himself.

That success comes with a price. It is said that his enemies (both living and dead) could more than fill the halls at Kyuden Bayushi. Of course, it is also said that his allies could do the same—and that one would not even have to change guests.

Though rumors of romantic affairs were numerous in his youth, he did not marry until old age, taking young and beautiful Shosuro (now Bayushi) Sayuri, merely a third of his age, as his bride. Though she should be the one to inherit his fortune, rumors abound that she is unfaithful, and therefore out of contention.

Bayushi Hidetoshi

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